Tips for Healthy Winter Skin

Winter can wreak havoc on your pores and skin, and it is able to sense like there’s no escape: Cold, blustery situations outdoors depart your pores and skin purple and raw, at the same time as indoor warmth zaps moisture from the air and out of your pores and skin. Happily, there are numerous methods to fight the reasons for dry pores and skin and hold yourself wet and supple all season long, inclusive of a few clean modifications in your regular routine. 

● Invest in a Humidifier to Maximize Moisture 

A humidifier in your home or office will restore moisture to the air, helping to keep your skin hydrated. 

● Keep Thermostat Temperatures Cool and Comfortable

 If you’re looking to escape dry, chilly outdoor air, you may be tempted to crank up the heat as soon as you get home. 

● Apply sunscreen daily 

Given the shorter winter days and less sunlight, it can be tempting to cut sunscreen out of your morning routine — but think again. Even in winter, harmful UV light can still stress your skin’s moisture barrier, which is vital for maintaining skin health and hydration. Try adding a layer of sunscreen each morning after you’ve applied a moisturizer. 

● Use overnight treatments 

Overnight treatments are an excellent way to revitalize or prevent dry skin. Emollients are great for moisturizing. However, because they’re a heavier type of cream, it can take longer for them to be absorbed into your skin. By applying an emollient to your skin overnight, your skin will have the time it needs to absorb the treatment and for the emollient to replenish your skin with the moisture and oils it needs. If you’re applying an ointment to your hands or feet, consider wrapping them in a plastic bag or gloves to prevent spreading the emollient on your sheets or bed covers. 

● Adjust your skincare routine

 If the skin on your face seems to be especially sensitive or irritated due to the dry winter air, you may want to consider simplifying your skincare routine for the time being. Keep in mind that your skin’s moisture barrier needs to be healthy in order to respond well to serums, toners, and other types of beauty treatments. Also, if your skin is irritated, it might be more sensitive to ingredients like fragrance and alcohol. This means that products that would normally feel great on your face could turn into irritants.


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